Hodl, Play, Earn, End Hunger

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Hodl, Play, Earn, End Hunger

gamefi Hodl Play Earn End Hunger


FupsPlay is a fun and rewarding #GameFi platform for blockchain enthusiasts and gamers of every kind. Our aim is to make a change in the GameFi space by bringing you fun and easy to play casual games so that all kinds of players may join, have fun and earn. We will contribute to crypto mass adoption as there’s a majority of casual gamers out there who play games without being rewarded. Not only that, we will keep on developing games of different genre to encourage all to experience GameFi as it should be. By joining our community and playing, you’ll not only earn $FUPS in your wallet, but you will also contribute to end world hunger as we allocate portion of our earnings to feed hungry children and pups charity.


We work with dedicated developers and artists to bring you the most engaging games. We will feature variety of games from platformer, multiplayer shooter, RPG, turn-based, fantasy and adventure games. We offer the most versatile GameFi platform that would interest all gamers globally. One thing our games will have in common is uniting our community as one and creating a healthy competition at the same time. Stay tuned for our game announcements and launch dates via our Telegram chat & Announcements channel, Twitter and other socials.
We believe Tournaments and Esports are crucial for future growth in GameFi and we will keep our community thrilled with our regular community tournaments and challenges where growing your skills and competitive nature will give you huge rewards and the ‘Champion’s Crown’.

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